Laser focus on results


Powerpoints have a short life.

What matters are well-implemented ideas.

Commercial Excellence

A comprehensive approach is needed to fully leverage the company potential. We run SFE programs, develop Go-to-Market Plans and optimize pricing.
We supported over 50 customers in defining Go-to-Market Plans, introduce value based pricing, enhance sales team pefromance, set-up proper management practices and KPIS and define effective incentive schemes.

Gross to Net optimization

Distribution channels if well managed can become a main growth engine.For this, a structured approach, a clear commercial strategy and an effective and efficient Commercial Policy are required. With our proprietary methodology, we have achieved between 5% and 15% bottom line gains over more than 40 projects worldwide. For more details, you can find here our book.

Business development

Increase of top line needs a robust corporate strategy and an accurate understanding of where the opportunities lie. This will allow to decide upon resource allocation and operating models. We have helped numerous Global CFO and Regional Heads in this important exercise.

Cost and Cash flow

We have run hundreds of projects in optimizing Supply Chain costs and Order to Cash Processes worldwide. Our business model includes a relevant success fees proportion and is directly linked to the impact we create. Via our invested company VAT4U we can also claim back cross-border tax claims.